Aquaponic Highlights!

Remember that ESPN Sportcenter quote: “You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him!?!?”… well that also applies to Scott’s backyard aquaponic system in Northeast DC.

Last year we were impressed when Scott told us that during the warm months he grew a SALAD PER DAY for his entire family of 5.

The pic to the right shows his harvest for just one day last week… “EXCEPT for the bigger tomato I already ate.”

And below are media-growbeds with zucchinis, tomatoes, and peppers. Scott keeps fish in his sump tank year round (thermal insulation), and in the warmer months links up his second fish tank, seen here to the back right. Everything you see growing here is from one aquaponic system!  Here’s a link to his forum thread in case you are interested in more info: Scott’s aquaponic forum thread.

The Hootie 2.0 at Iona Senior Services in NW DC

We just installed our new aquaponic system, The Hootie 2.0, at Iona Senior Services near American U. in NW DC.

The Hootie 2.0 can accommodate up to 8 medium size (.5lb) goldfish or other ornamentals. The fish waste will support a constant growth of herbs and several heads of leafy greens at a time.

The Hootie 2.0 features:

  • a 29 gallon fish tank;
  • a roll-out plant growbed for easy fishtank access;
  • hidden shelf space for electrical connections, an aerator pump, and supply storage;
  • adjustable height T5 floursecent light fixtures; and
  • an automatic bell-siphon drain in the growbed to increase system oxygenation and circulate water.

Thank You Ashlea Steiner at Iona Senior Services for the opportunity!

And Thank You John Favaloro at Avanti Woodworks for the great craftsmanship and creative problem-solving!

Event Invite: Introduction to Aquaponics + Small System Build @ H Street Farms

Anacostia Aquaponics is hosting an aquaponics lesson and system build at Cultivate the City‘s H Street Farms.

Click Here For Tickets

This event at Cultivate the City’s rooftop farm will feature three activities:

  1. Introduction to Aquaponics Lesson: learn about the basics of an aquaponic system; the benefits of aquaponics; and the current state of the aquaponic industry.
  2. New Aquaponic System Tour: see and discuss the new rooftop aquaponic system at H Street Farms, complete with new tilapia fingerlings! Tour given by the creator and manager of the system, Dan Grant.
  3. Aquaponic System Build: watch us construct a small, vertical aquaponic system (pictured below). Guests are welcome to build your own along with us to take home, just choose the proper ticket option to cover the cost of materials. We will provide free consulting to make sure you get your system up and running!

The “Aquaponic Build” ticket option will cover all the materials necessary for the physical operation of the aquaponic system for you to bring home! This ticket does not include fish, fish food, plant seeds, or water testing kits.

For any questions about the class or the aquaponic system build, email

WHO: Anacostia Aquaponics & Cultivate the City
WHAT: Aquaponics lesson and small system build
WHEN: July 15, 2017 from 10:00am – noon
WHERE: H Street Farms, 910 Bladensburg Rd, NE DC
WHY: Sustainability, YOLO, etc…

Urban Organics and Pentair Open 2nd Large-Scale Aquaponic Farm

Urban Organics and Pentair just opened one of the largest commercial aquaponic farms in the world in St. Paul Minnesota.

Urban Organics will use Pentair’s advanced pumps, filters, aerators, mineralization systems and more to raise 275,000 pounds of Atlantic salmon and arctic char fish each year. About 475,000 pounds of organic greens including kale, bok choy and arugula also will be produced.

Read full article:

By Star Tribune


Creative Fish Catching

Roy is getting creative in order to catch some tilapia at UDC’s Firebird Farm in Beltsville, MD. UDC operates two aquaponic systems at the farm.

The aquaponic system pictured here holds the fish tanks and filtration units in a large insulated shipping container. Water is sent back and forth to a greenhouse several feet away via underground pipes.

Houston, We Have Lift-Off

Marquette is feeding goldfish in the new aquaponic system at Houston Elementary School of DCPS.

We constructed a grow-trough light enough to sit on the walls of the 75-gallon fish tank.

Water is pumped from the fish tank up to one end of the trough, and drains back into the fish tank from the other side through a bell-siphon. We have some parsley and green onions planted up there to start.

Thanks to the Alice Ferguson Foundation for funding.


Urban Ag Policy-Making

Here’s a meeting of the Urban Ag working group of the DC Food Policy Council.

On the agenda:

  • Getting the DC Comprehensive Plan to incorporate Urban Ag
  • Coordinating DC growers and regulators to implement the DC Cottage Food Act

The DC government must ensure that sustainable practices like aquaponics, hydroponics, vertical growing, rooftop growing, and composting are properly incentivized to account for their positive externalies, obviously.