October 28: Worms and Coffee

October 28 Worms and Coffee Tickets

9:00-9:30 AM: Breakfast served (coffee, tea & oatmeal bar)

9:30-11:30 AM: Class & Worm Bin Build


Joe said: “I’ve been vermicomposting in my living room for over 18 months – no smells, no bugs, no cardiovascular shoveling of hot compost piles – just great compost with great beneficial bacteria.”

Vermicomposting is a relatively easy process that can turn your day-to-day kitchen scraps into a very high-quality fertilizer. In this class you will learn HOW to vermicompost, and the science behind these beautiful worms!

We will demonstrate how to make an easy, affordable worm bin, and you may choose the appropriate ticket option to build your own to take home and start composting right away.

We will also brew a batch of potent vermicompost tea, a great soil or hydro/aquaponic fertilizer… yum!

The class will be led by Brian Filipowich, Director of Anacostia Aquaponics and Master Urban Composter.

Learn more about vermicompost: