Hootie 2.0 Indoor Aquaponic System

The Hootie 2.0 is a self-enclosed ecosystem that uses nutrient-rich fish-tank water to grow vegetables.

This system is designed to host about 3 lbs of ornamental goldfish or koi, and to grow 6 to 8 lettuces or herbs at a time.

Hootie 2.0 @ Iona Senior Services in NW DC

The Hootie 2.0 sales package includes:

  • Site consultation
  • Delivery, installation and startup
  • 1 year full service contract
  • Introductory aquaponic lessons and resources


The Hootie 2.0 is delivered ready-to-grow with goldfish and biologically active water. It includes all necessary materials for operation:

“Did you know you can use my waste to grow food?” said Mr. Fish
  • 29-gal fish-tank with aquarium gravel
  • T5 grow-light and supports
  • API freshwater test kit
  • Fish net wand and scrub brush
  • Water pump and plumbing
  • Aerator pump and air stone
  • Goldfish and fish food

Special Features:

  • Automatic bell-siphon for improved growbed oxygenation
  • Rollout growbed for easy fish-tank access
  • Split water flow for optimal tank circulation
  • Hidden compartment for accessories and electrical connections

Total Price: $1,761 + tax

email: brian@anacostiaaquaponics.org