Small-Scale Aquaponics Training Course & Certificate

Anacostia Aquaponics is presenting a Small-Scale Aquaponics Training Course and Certificate Program.

The Course is designed to provide participants the skills and knowledge necessary to understand and meaningfully participate in the design, construction, and operation of a small-scale aquaponic system (about 30- to 500-gallons)

Click: What is small-scale aquaponics and what are its applications?

The course consists of 5 classes (listed below). Each class is offered on multiple dates. Participants that attend all 5 classes will be awarded a Small-Scale Aquaponics Training Course Certificate of Completion from Anacostia Aquaponics.

Classes can be taken individually, or all 5 classes can be purchased for $160 (20% savings!!).

Click here to purchase:  Small-Scale Aquaponics Training Course & Certificate 5-class bundle

AQP 101 —  Intro to Small-Scale Aquaponics

  • Definition, applications and benefits of small-scale aquaponics
  • Fish, plants and bacteria in the aquaponic system
  • The nitrogen cycle and bacterial biofilter
  • Overview of the parts of an aquaponic system
  • Basic water quality parameters and testing
  • System cycling / startup
  • Environmental considerations
  • HANDS ON! Reconstruction and walk-through of a 30-gallon fish-tank system

Mon May 27, 6 – 7pm
Sun June 2, 9 – 10am

Tickets are $34 – click here for individual class tickets: Intro to Small-Scale Aquaponics.

AQP 102 —  Fish, Plants & Bacteria

  • Balancing pH and other factors to keep all your friends happy
  • Fish options and considerations, sourcing, and transport
  • Fish health, feeding, and handling
  • Plant options and considerations
  • Plant health and nutrition
  • Matching hydroponic methods to your crops
  • The special role of bacteria in your aquaponic system
  • Setting conditions to keep your bacteria happy

Weds May 29, 6 – 7pm
Mon June 3, 6 – 7pm

Tickets are $34 – click here for individual class tickets: Fish, Plants & Bacteria

AQP 201 — Aquaponic System Design

  • Design options & designing to meet your goals
  • Fish-to-plant ratios and system sizing
  • Gravity, siphons, valves and waterflow
  • Sump tanks, pump placement & sizing
  • Filtration options and design
  • Fish requirements and stocking density
  • Electricity requirements and calculations
  • Aeration considerations and options

Weds June 5, 6 – 7pm
Sat June 8, 9 – 10am

Tickets are $44 – click here for individual class tickets: Aquaponic System Design

AQP 202 — Aquaponics Parts & Construction

  • Choosing food safe materials
  • Structural support requirements and options; holding your water weight
  • Creating water-tight connections, proper use of sealant
  • Options for parts and materials, and where to source them
  • HANDS-ON! Pipe-cutting, connections and plumbing
  • HANDS-ON! Lining a growbed with duraskrim liner
  • HANDS-ON! Drilling and installing a bulkhead
  • HANDS-ON! Piece together a deep-water culture trough

Sun June 9, 9:00 – 10:00am
Monday June 10, 6:00 – 7:00pm

Tickets are $44 – click here for individual class tickets: Aquaponics Parts & Construction

AQP 203 — Aquaponics Operation & Growth

  • Food safety considerations for small-scale aquaponics
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks
  • pH testing, considerations, and adjustment options
  • Addressing commons problems and troubleshooting
  • How and when to clean your system
  • Optimizing plant growth
  • Managing your system through the seasons
  • HANDS-ON! Vacuum-siphon demonstration
  • HANDS-ON! Water testing demonstration


Weds June 12, 6:00 – 7:00pm
Sat June 15, 9:00 – 10:00am

Tickets are $44 – click here for individual class tickets: Aquaponics Operation & Maintenance


All classes will take place at Cultivate the City’s H Street Farms, on the rooftop of W.S. Jenk’s and Son’s hardware store, 910 Bladensburg Rd NE.

The Course is led by Brian Filipowich, Director of Anacostia Aquaponics DC LLC and Chairman of the national Aquaponics Association.