our food system is not …. “sustainable”

buzzwords become buzzwords for a reason….

sus-tain-a-ble: 1) able to be maintained at a certain rate or level; or 2) able to be upheld or defended.

Here is an excerpt from a magical book, “The Third Plate; Field Notes on the Future of Food” by Dan Barber. He notes:

“…mounting evidence that our countries indomitable and abundant food system, for so long the envy of the world, is unstable, if not broken. Eroding soils, falling water tables for irrigation, collapsing fisheries, shrinking forests, and deteriorating grasslands represent only a handful of the environmental problems wrought by our food system – problems that will continue to multiply with rising temperatures.”

“Our health has suffered, too. Rising rates of food-borne illnesses, malnutrition, and diet-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes are traced, at least in part, to our mass production of food. The warnings are clear: because we eat in a way that undermines health and abuses natural resources (to say nothing of the economic and social implications), the conventional food system cannot be sustained.”

….joy 🙁


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