Anacostia Aquaponics Partnership Program

Anacostia Aquaponics is in its “Partnership Program” phase. This means that we looking for partners who want to grow with aquaponics. We will design, construct, and help you produce with an aquaponics system for the cost of materials alone. This will be a two-way street, we will learn from eachother to improve the practice of aquaponics and expand aquaponics food production in DC.

Here is our brochure: Anacostia Aquaponics Partnership Program

Why are we doing this? 
Aquaponics is a highly efficient method of growing plants and fish in a symbiotic, recirculating, soil-less environment. It can grow significant quantities of food even in urban areas like Washington, DC. And aquaponics uses LESS THAN 10% of the water compared to traditional soil farming. If we are to meet the dietary needs of our rapidly growing urban population without ruining the environment, our economy, and our health, we will NEED to grow with efficient and local methods like aquaponics.

But aquaponics is hard work. It involves constructing and plumbing a water-tight recirculating system that requires an electric pump and aeration; and it involves balancing plants, fish, and water quality to achieve appropriate growth.

Despite these challenges, there are over a thousand aquaponics systems of many different types and sizes that are flourishing across the country, including many large scale commercial systems. (See examples in our brochure). And the University of the District of Columbia has several large systems in operation as well.

We need your help to work with us to improve the practice of aquaponics so that we can employ it to a level that our city begins to reap the environmental, economic, and health benefits of a better food system.

If you are interested in partnering with us to advance aquaponics in the DC metro area, please email We will send along more information and can set up a time to visit your site for a consultation.

Here is our brochure: Anacostia Aquaponics Partnership Program

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