Dan’s Aquaponic System Giveaway!

 Dan is giving away his aquaponic system for FREE for anyone willing to move it. This includes 10 live tilapia. If interested email brian@anacostiaaquaponics.org

List of items:

-100 gallon rubber tank (for fish)
-60 gallon rubber tank, with bell siphon and filled with hydroton, used as ebb/flow bed
-2 sawhorses to hold ebb/flow tank
-multiple pumps, 500 & 1000 gph
-2 4-port aerators
-14 Zipgrow towers
-2 60 gallon barrel tanks
-3 vertical LED light strips, with driver
-swirl filter
-automatic feeder
-50 gallon glass aquarium
-random PVC and pump fittings, accessories, etc.

One thought on “Dan’s Aquaponic System Giveaway!”

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