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  • To construct neighborhood-scale aquaponics systems in Washington DC so we produce significant quantities of vegetables, fruit, and fish right in our own backyards.
  • To construct aquaponics systems at schools and other civic buildings across Washington DC.
  • To study the best practices for neighborhood-scale aquaponics in urban areas like Washington DC, including both the construction and operation of the physical aquaponics systems; and the legal and financial arrangements that facilitate cooperative neighborhood production.
  • To study the benefits and costs of urban neighborhood aquaponics to both the individual growers and to the city as a whole.
  • To engage in a dialogue with policy-makers and the world-wide aquaponics community about the best-practices, benefits, and costs of urban neighborhood-scale aquaponics.


  • To improve the Washington, DC economy by giving residents the means to locally produce a significant quantity of their own food; and by creating jobs in the aquaponics industry.
  • To improve the natural environment by reducing Washington DC’s dependence on industrial inorganic agriculture, which greatly exacerbates the long-term issues of climate change, water scarcity, soil erosion, antibiotic resistance, biodiversity loss, and aquatic dead-zones.
  • To improve the health of Washington, DC residents by increasing the proportion of fresh unprocessed vegetables, fruits, and fish in their diet.


  • To make Washington, DC a worldwide center of urban aquaponics practice and research.

Brian Filipowich is the founder and director of Anacostia Aquaponics. He is a graduate of aquaponics training courses in Tampa FL, Denver CO, and Raleigh NC. He is also the Chairman of the national Aquaponics Association.

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